Two letter Ds joined by a number six surrounded by oak leaves & brambles with text: Advanced Double D6

Advanced Double D6

Advanced Double D6 is an excitingly simple fantasy role-playing game.

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It improves & expands on Double D6, leaning further into its make-things-up play style with some gaming guidance , a quest planner & oodles of inspiration tables.

All in 40 black & white pages & three colour cover!

Plus additional extras:

Quest Pack

Start your game with all the things in one handy compostable package!

The Quest Pack includes:

Thank You!

This game would not have come about without its supporters from the original Double D6 funding campaign on in December 2022 & the Kickstarter backers in February 2023 who include among their number...

Thanks also to the playtesters at UK Games Expo 2023 whose names I've temporarily lost but will hopefully find again!

One Last Set of Thanks... An Appendix, If You Will

When I first started properly getting into RPGs & trying to understand how to play them, I am forever grateful to the following for leaving signposts & breadcrumbs (be they podcasts, articles, games or whatever) for others to follow.

Those include (but are certainly not limited to):

—& on & on & on... Will try to remember to add more when I remember them.